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  English Bulldogs are a loveable breed! Our first family Bullie was named Jazz and we fell madly in love with her. We all adored her wrinkly, squishy face and her snuggly personality. Jazz won us over with her gorgeous looks and her friendly outgoing ways.  

After all-who doesn’t fall in love with English Bullies? 

In 2003 there was a great void in our lives after Jazz passed on. My Vet knew our deep love for Jazz and English Bulldogs. His confidence in my passion for this breed led him to encourage me to give breeding a try and I have with great success!  

I consider myself a small hobby breeder raising Bullies and pups in our family home. When one of my Momma’s has puppies we raise them together. During their early weeks of life I care for Mom and her puppies in my room next to my bed so I can give them all the special attention they deserve. 

Everyone asks about the different colors of English Bulldogs. I have produced quality Bullies in the standard colors along with the rare colors of Chocolate, Chocolate Tri, Black Tri, Blue, Blue Tri and Lilac.  

I truly adore English Bulldogs and I am dedicated to raising sturdy, healthy and happy Bullies. They are a pure joy and will make a fantastic addition to your loving family.  

Enjoy your time visiting and come back often.  ~ Gwyn